YIHUA 927-I Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Station Solder Roll Holder

- YIHUA 927-I Portable Adjustable Temperature Electronic Soldering Station 1PC
- Lead-Free Soldering Iron Tip (this one is already inserted in the soldering iron) 1PC
- Stainless Soldering Iron Holder (It provides a safe way to put aside your soldering iron while still hot) 1PC
- Removable Solder Collector 1PC
- Removable Solder Wire Holder 1PC
- Iron Tip Cleaner(includes copper wire cleaning ball) 1PC
- Clean Sponge 1PC


*Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Station with Solder Roll Holder, Removable Solder Collector, Brass Tip Cleaner, Blue Sponge
*Fast Heat Up Design: Heating Up Fast and Efficiently suits for both lead and lead-free solder like a Champ!
*Adjustable and Stable Temperature: This Unit Equipped with a Temperature Control Knob. Temperature Range of 200°C - 480°C/392°F - 896°F.
*Includes Many Useful Soldering Accessories: Removable and Easy to Clean Solder Collector, Stainless Iron Holder, Removable Solder Wire Holder, Cleaning Sponge and Tips Cleaner
*Safer Soldering Station & Environmentally Friendly Materials: The Soldering Station is Equipped with a Main Switch to Improve Safety.
*Easy to Replace Heating Element: Using Externally Heated Soldering Iron and its Heating Element is Easy to Replace.


-Model: YIHUA 927-I
-Iron Power: 16W
-Temperature Range: 200℃-480℃
-Soldering Iron Temperature Stability: ±2°C (Static State)
-Working Environment: 32°F ~ 104°F/ 0°C ~ 40°C
-Product Dimensions:150cm X 100cm X 48cm ± 5mm

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